Dekomarin, non-slip PVC mats.


Oncu Grup A.S has started its operations in 1965 in Istanbul-Turkey. The beginning operations were to produce printing plates, printing cylinders and patterns for the other brands of the business group which were working on printing and packaging production sectors. And by the time, it started to provide services to other producers. Oncu Grup AS. participates in domestic and international sectoral fairs to reach to bigger markets. Oncu Grup AS. uses its 400 staff and 4 factories which have 51000 sqm. covered are in total.

Oncu Grup AS. has completed the modernization of the assembly line and expansion of engraving cylinders, DEKOR wallpapers and DEKOMARIN non-slip mats in its new production factory in Corlu which has 27000 sqm. covered area.

Oncu Grup, has recently started to produce the non slip PVC mats and the brand Dekomarin is being presented both on domestic and international markets. In this area, our company puts a great effort to enrich the collections and to support the marketing operations.

While operating under the Tacirler Group, the company has excelled in production of home textile and decoration, wallpapers, borders, non slip mats, PVC flooring. Additionally, the company also operates in the areas such as printing, production of photogravure and solvent oriented printing ink production.

For more information please visit www.oncugrup.com.tr
Dekormarin Non-slip Mats Dekor Wallpapers Dekorama Tablecloth
Email: oncu@oncugrup.com.tr


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